Tilda Swinton: She Wears It Well

Tilda Swinton at the MoMa tribute event honouring the actress

What do you wear to an event held in your name? On your BIRTHDAY. Something metallic I'd say. Something with lustre. With glimmer, glitter. Something that will be picked up by all those lights shining upon you.

But be careful. All that glisters is not fashion gold. Because there's Nicole Scherzinger's interpretation of glitz and then there's Tilda Swinton's.

At the Museum of Modern Art tribute held in her honour in New York earlier this week. the 53-year-old actress struck exactly the right tone for the Serious Actress rather than ten a penny Red Carpet Celeb in her choice of silver shimmering Chanel jacket and wide white trousers.
First up, it's a trouser suit not a dress and definitely not an incey-wincey dress. Make no mistake, this twinkly event isworky.But Hollywood work - Kate Hepburn would have definitely approved of those big strides.
And then there's the lack of top under that rather daringly cut jacket. Before us, this signals, is a woman immensely aware of her sexuality and happy to nonchalantly play on it. Its minimalist cut is counterbalanced by all that glitter. It was her birthday after all. Anyway, show me the actress who doesn't love a bit of stardust…