Villa Necchi Campiglio, the house of Beauty

A view of villa necchi campiglio in milan

One of the reasons why it’s fun to have Bullo is to dispel the stereotypes. Milan an ugly city, trifles in comparison to Rome and so on. Villa Necchi Campiglio was a pleasant surprise for us. It is a historic house in Milan, which is part of a circuit that we suggest you to visit. Maybe the most of you have seen the house in this movie with Tilda Swinton.
Before I tell you the story of this place you have to imagine the place where it is located. In the city full of cars, full of noises, full of people in the office there is an island of silence. This magical house belonged to one of the most riches families of Milan of the thirties is now a museum of architecture and beauty.
Located in Via Mozart 14, Villa Necchi is considered a model perhaps unique for its beauty and preservation of twentieth-century private villa style of the thirties. It was in fact built between 1932 and 1935 as a single-family detached home designed by architect Piero Portaluppi. Surrounded by a large garden with tennis court and swimming pool it’s a kind of magical place in a silent part of the city the quarter of Palestro.
The area where the villa is located, despite being adjacent to the city center, at the end of the nineteenth century was still largely occupied by gardens. Its construction began in 1890-92 with the construction of the Institute for the Blind, and continued later after the opening of new avenues Mozart, Serbelloni and Barozzi, following an agreement signed in 1907 between the City of Milan and the Countess Antoinette Sola-Busca, owner of the building and garden Serbelloni.
The house belonged to the sisters Gigina and Nedda who have lived there until their death.
The library of Villa Necchi Campiglio, detail
The Garden of Villa Necchi Campiglio
Interior design of VIlla Necchi Campiglio
A detail of the toilette in Villa Necchi Campiglio
A detail of the stairs in Villa Necchi Campiglio
A detail of the saloon in Villa Necchi Campiglio
Another view of the library
old Pictures of Franco and the King of Italy
The library in Villa Necchi Campiglio
a detail of the dining room
The garden in Villa Necchi Campiglio
Main room in Villa Necchi Campiglio
Pics by Ray Banhoff (all rights reserved)