Crocs shoes’ high fashion turnaround

Stefano Furiani Collection, set to launch in May

Considered to be the Marmite of shoes, the Telegraph Fashion desk has always remained firm that Croc eye-sores are just as unappealing as a pair of 'American tan' tights.

Popular mainly with nurses (for non-slip reasons), small children and gardening enthusiasts, the Crocs shoe business is not one to be sniffed at. Since being established in 2002, the multi-coloured clogs business has proven to be a worldwide success; offering a range of more than 300 perforated styles to some 90 countries.

And now, the Colorado-based firm has set its rubbery sights on the world of high fashion by adding high heeled pumps, mules and wedges to its curriculum vitae.
Under the alias 'Stefano Furiani Collection' after the research and development director for Crocs Italy, the upscale collection is set to launch in May and aims to push past its clumpy rubber clog pigeon hole; focusing its attention on a more sophisticated shopper, reports Women's Wear Daily .
Similarly, the line features entirely new branding and won't even be sold on the Crocs site but, instead. Simply put, these Crocs weren't made for the kiddies and gardeners that love them so.
And with Birkenstocks and pool sides set to make waves for spring/summer 2014, we think these Crocs in disguise might actually go down a treat.