If Breaking Bad was Italian…


This summer Martina and I realized how deep is our love for American TV series.
Putting aside the gray work days at the desk, we were really happy to take the eyes off the screens to dive into the Southern Italy sea. Of course we were aware of the beginning of season 5 of Breaking Bad (our favorite at the moment), but we both agreed we could wait to come back to Milan to watch it.
Well the day after the first episode we switched on our smartphones and we happened to read Facebook comments, spoilers on blogs and such. At that moment we realized we suffer from TV series abstinence. We are TV series junkies.
The two weeks we had to wait seemed a century, it was so unnerving that during our car trips we started to play a game: what if Breaking Bad was set in Italy?
After writing down a list of characters, our friend Marco Rosella- who is a Breaking Bad fan and digital talent – turned it into a fantastic info graphic.
Here is the great result!

the breaking bad cast played by italian actors. infographic by Marco Rosella