Italian Male Underwear: Carlo Pignatelli Boxers + Briefs for Miguel Iglesias

italian mens underwear - boxers briefs undies
Italian fashion designer Carlo Pignatelli is more known for his fabulous men’s formal attire but he’s apparently got some men’s underwear line too. Spanish hunk Miguel Iglesias models the designer’s boxers and briefs. Pretty cool, huh?

Short Short Jeans on Francesco Brunetti, Italian Male Model

What do you think of Italian male model Francesco Brunetti and hisshort short jeans? Pretty cool, eh? It’s cooler still when he gets wet under a shower as he does in these first two pictures.
Don’t you just love sculpted men in short pants?
Hello there, wethead! Hahaha! Did we just call this gorgeous guy a wethead? But he’s technically wet so we don’t fell bad about calling him that at all.