Giovanna: Lovely to meet you Linda , How did it all Start? Com'è nata l'idea è nata?

LB: Likewise Giovanna, well Ogespanish Talk Show started in 2010 , i was registered on an online virtual chat website (IMVU)and things became boring ,people were doing the same things and i wanted to do something different on the site, so the idea came to my mind to invent something, a room where different individuals come together, i  then invite a special guest, people from different countries sit together ,and watch me Interview their special Guest.
  So i decided to make this dream a reality in 2011/12 , i designed my website ,put my ideas together and started interviewing different Celebrities, Models, TV personalities and Individuals.

Giovanna : You have interviewed Hollywood  celebrities such as : Jermaine Dupri, Angela Simmons , Loren Ridinger, Isaiah Washington , Don Benjamin, Nnenna Agba, (Michelle V)Miss V, Dawn Richard, Erica Mena, Jhene Aiko, and Many More, how did it feel to share their stories with their fans World Wide?

LB: It is an Amazing Feeling, as i am also a fan of all the people i interview, i loved reading the feedback from fans, and the emails. I love it when the Celeb or Model/Actress, give advice to Aspiring Artist/models, etc, i love getting different opinions as that is one of my Popular questions.

Giovanna: How do you cope with being a mom and The Magazine, Website and events, where do you draw your strenght from and, who motivates you?Also what do you love about being a Make Up Artist?

LB: I got two words for you "MY SON" , he is the love of my life , all i am , and who i am and what i want to be is because of him, i want him to someday look up and say "Mum thank you for the Life you have given me" , oh well he does that now "Duh" but, also God helps me Daily, he grants my requests, i seek him first before making a move, i listen to my inner mind before doing anything.
  Being a Make Up Artist is my Passion, it is a dream come true, i love creating Beauty, putting smiles of clients faces with my skills, beautifying people and offering my services to friends.
 That is why most of the time i prefer to do my own Make Up when going out,Attending events and for photoshoots, even though there is a MUA Present, i like to add some final touches to my Make Up.

Giovanna : Tell us about you signature style " Linda Bella & The Fringe"? in Italia abbiamo la dea frangia chiamiamo .haha"

LB: "She Laughs" aww no i ain't a goddess, but i do love my fringe, it gives a sister's face definition and it is one of my Best Hairstyles, the first time i did it, it was all thanks to my Stylist
(Starlet) she makes fringe look good

(Hair by: Starlet @Romina Beauty Salon INC London)

Giovanna: What are the key things you look for in a man?

LB: Oh wow! erm.. personally i am not one of those girls who believe in looks, i always say "looks do not matter, who you are or what you are does not matter, but it is all about the heart" ,but.. but i do have
some little P*rvy things i look for lol"
* The Eyes
*Personality & Sense of Humor as i am a very funny, outgoing person
* His Passion & Goals

Giovanna: You are the Brand Ambassador of The Glam Factory and Vantex Magazine , tell us your experience working with them?

LB: Vantex Magazine is Owned by one of the most inspirational females i have ever known in my whole life , -Glam Bella . she is one of the most positive people i have ever known, she inspired me to do a lot of things i do today, she gives me the best advice and keeps me in check.
  she is a sister to me ,when she and her team made me the Brand Ambassador i was so honored. Glam Factory is also one of the Upcoming Top Fashion Platforms in UK , for designers all over the world. This is a chance for them to showcase their various works,designs and projects, but do stay tuned.

Giovanna: What advice would you give to Aspiring female Entrepreneurs, Models/Actresses and ladies who want to be like you  soprattutto giovani donne?

LB: Believe in yourself, always remember that "Visualization is Realization, when you put your mind to do something ,follow it through, you will have haters, people waiting to bring you down,
people who will say to you "you can not do it", people who will  distract you, but once you believe in your self , anything is possible, i am not perfect i am still working hard to achieve set goals, so can you , never let past experiences bring you down and stop you from achieving your goals.

Giovanna: What are you  Beauty Secrets?

LB: Smile always, never ever go to bed with make up on, eat lots of fruits when you can and
  i have the habit of rubbing honey on my face for like 5 mins and washing it off with cold water.

Giovanna: How do you Respond to the Many Suitors i am sure you get daily and also Admirers?io sono sicuro che si ottiene un sacco di fiori di tutti i giorni

LB: "Lol" well i am always polite, in this life one can't be ungrateful or proud, i hate "Pride"
  so when people send those messages i answer politely , but i am a very principled person that knows what she wants, so there "wink".

Giovanna: Il gioco è fatto signore e signori, Linda Bella è fonte di ispirazione per me,
è per questo che ho l'onore di intervistarla per più di sue interviste visitare il suo sito web

Designer: Lucieno Lacetti , Valentino Lucia & Juliet French